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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Yesterday, Today, and Twenty Nineteen!

2018 taught me a lot. I think the most important thing I learned and grasped in 2018 is that everything you put out into the universe will come back to you. It’s a concept that we already know but I actually saw so many things come to fruition. It strengthened my faith incredibly. I started to test God’s word by doing things and expecting things to happen - and they did! I tested his word and He tested my faith.

This year I really kicked into another gear. I moved to LA, last October and I spent so much money during the move and getting on my feet that I constantly told myself if I wanted to be mediocre I could’ve stayed in NYC. So I did my work. I worked my 9-5 and my 5-9. Work was really stressful this year when I think about it. Working in a new environment starting all new heaving hitting projects was a big adjustment. I didn’t realize while it was happening but I kept going. I started acting in 2018. I did the work. I studied and trained. Acting has taught me so much about myself. It literally has motivated me to be a better person overall. Not just within the art. And because things moved so fast in that area of my life, I knew it was God. I knew it was a path I should pursue. While that was happening simultaneously other things were happening….

Fast forward, December 2018 I’m a lead character in a 2hr play. It was so amazing. I go into all the details about my character in the vlog post so I won’t bore you with words. I also touched on my love life and how it wasn’t a fairytale. Nothing went perfect in that area but because I was busy becoming a better person it didn’t take a toll on me. Would’ve been nice to end 2018 with an engagement but God is clearly saying later. My sex life was definitely NOT a highlight of 2018. Honestly, I have a lot of shit to do and I don’t need to be distracted by no zick. PERIOD.

I had such an amazing 2018 that it feels like the whole year was perfect. All the wins, overshadowed everything else. 2018 is one for the books! I literally am excited to see what God has in store for 2019.


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